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ISHAD manufactures high quality saw blades for exportation world-product complies with the strictest quality control standards and employs the latest technology in order to achieve the longest lasting saw blade.
ISHAD is on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. Our Research and Development department work relentlessly, in cooperation with customers’ feedback, to establish the latest advancements in technology and raw materials. We believe that change is necessary in order to adapt to new materials, faster speed rates, better cut quality and longer production runs between sharpening.

The dedication and hard work of the R&D department has changed our methods of production. Within our manufacturing process, we utilize the latest technology together with computer controlled equipment. Our results are high precision, long lasting, and the most cost efficient saw blades that are
used around the world today. Our newest edition provides a working lifetime 4X longer than any other standrd saw blade. This dedication to quality has earned ISHAD the right to use the name “Quality Saws” on it’s blades. wide. Each


ISHAD assures that each and every tool is guaranteed against any defects due to either flawed materials or any inadequacies in the production process.
ISHAD is not liable to any damages incurred by either improper use or lack of acceptable maintenance



ISHAD places its customers changing needs at the top of its agenda, since customers provide the basis on which ISHAD develops its new products and the source of the next challenge.
ISHAD considers all its customers, big and small, to be the main force which initiates all its departments to take any technical challenges and find the best and most efficient solutions that will meet the needs of the customers and save them money and time.
Good service is therefore the means by which ISHAD delivers its solutions to the customers. Through the years ISHAD had developed an extensive relationship with the customers, providing them with
advice and guidance as to which tool and accessories are best suited to their individual needs.


We don't expect to be your ONLY carbide saw blades supplier . . .

We expect to be your BEST'S.

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Efficiency of service is also crucial, since all customers need to solutions “here and now”. Therefore, ISHAD aims at conducting it’s business at the highest speed and delivering the goods without any unnecessary delays.
You, the customer, benefit from a comprehensive service including:
- Extensive, worldwide guidance and support.
- Consistent maintenance service for all our saw blades.
- Training of saw blade tensioning straightening.
- Call-off orders with the choice of stock holdin

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