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1. Regulations:

- The site is owned by the company "Ishad inc" (hereinafter: "the Company")
- The terms of use of the site regulate the relationship between the company and any person who surfers and / or         uses the site or the information contained in it (each of them hereinafter: "the user")
- The Company reserves the right to change the Bylaws from time to time, to add or subtract from it, in relation to         the entire Site, to its part at its sole discretion, without the need to give notice and / or prior notice. The sole and       complete responsibility for knowing the terms hereunder and for the use of the Site according to these conditions       applies at all times to the user only.
- The use of the site constitutes the consent of the user to all of its terms without any restriction and / or reservation       and by using the site the user undertakes that he and / or anyone acting on his behalf will have no claim and / or         claim, directly and / or indirectly, against the site and / And / or any of its operators and / or any of its owners and /     or managers and / or anyone on their behalf.
   The wording of these regulations is in the masculine form for convenience but refers to both men and women.
   The chapter headings are presented for convenience and familiarity with the rules and will not be used for the             purpose of interpreting them -
- The product images shown on the site are for illustration only and do not bind the site. As it is agreed and clarified       that the Company will make every effort to present its customers with pictures that reflect reality as much as                 possible.
   The Company does not undertake to maintain inventory of all models whose images appear on the Site.
- The Company does as much as it can to ensure that the information appearing on the Site is the most accurate           information, but it is clarified that certain inaccuracies or mistakes may be made in it, and the Company shall bear       no liability whatsoever arising from or related thereto.
   The quoted prices do not include postage.
- The Company may offer promotions and benefits on the Site and may terminate them at any time without any prior     notice.
- Terms of use of the site are held on the site and the services included in it through any computer or other                     communication device (such as: cell phone, iPad, computer). They apply to the use of the site both on the Internet     and in any network or other means of communication.
- When updating the shopping basket, the Company reserves the right to send a reminder to the customer about the abandoned basket by sending an email to the address entered.

Making orders through the website

2.1 In order to ensure that the order is executed in the best possible manner and without any mishaps, customers must be careful to provide accurate and accurate information. If incorrect details are provided at the time of the order, the company can not guarantee that the jewelry will reach their destination. If the jewelry returns to the company due to erroneous details, the customer will be charged for shipping and handling. Make sure to fill in correct and relevant details.

2.2 Once the order is made by the customer, the company will check the credit card details and when it is confirmed by the credit card company, the customer will be notified that the transaction has been approved and that the order has been properly placed.

2.3 In a situation where the transaction was not approved by the credit card company, the operator of the transaction will receive an appropriate notice and will be required to provide another means of payment.

2.4It is noted that the Company will be entitled not to approve a customer's order for any reason and in its sole discretion as in the following cases: Once the details have been provided, the binding documents have been approved and the customer's agreement to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy has been granted. Through its account on the Website or by e-mail. Including content updates, information about its services and products, as well as the services and products of others, promotions, innovations on the Site, within the meaning of section 30A. (Telecommunications and Broadcasting) Law, 5742-1982
A. If the customer's credit card has been blocked or restricted to use.
B. If there is a financial debt to the company and the debt has not been repaid.
third. To the extent that the services of the site were used to carry out an act which may be interpreted as illegal under the laws of the State of Israel or to facilitate the assistance in the execution of such an act.

2.5 Once all the payment details of the customer have been received on the payment page, a confirmation will be sent to the customer via e-mail of the order details. However, this certification does not require the site to provide the products and is only used to testify that the order details have been entered on the company website.

2.6 In the event that the customer's payment method is not valid or the transaction has not been approved for any reason \ that the ordered product is not in stock, the site's management will contact the customer to terminate or cancel the order.

3. Replacement policy and return of products
The provisions of this section are subject to the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: "the Law")

3.2 The customer has the ability to cancel the transaction executed, the credit will be made on the credit card in which the transaction was executed. The credit will be made in the following cases and conditions:
- Cancellation of the order before sending the product to the customer will not be charged at an additional cost, and the customer will be reimbursed the full amount paid including the shipping cost. A monetary credit will be granted according to what is stated in the law
- In case of cancellation of the transaction after the product was sent to the customer and after receiving the jewelry to the customer will be given a full monetary credit less the cost of shipping. The credit will be granted provided that the jewel is returned without use or damage and when it is in its original packaging. If the product is returned otherwise than as stated in this section, the customer will not be credited.
Cancellation of a transaction will be given to customers who will return the products approximately 14 days from the time the product is received (subject to the Consumer Protection Law)
The credit will be made in the way the customer paid.

3.3 How to return the shipment - the customer will be able to send the package to: 22 Hgdood, Acre
The return shipping cost is on the customer.

4. Warranty

4.2. The Company assures that each and every tool is guaranteed against any defects due to either flawed materials or any inadequacies in the production process.

4.3. The Company is not liable to any damages incurred by either improper use or lack of acceptable maintenanceble

4.4. The Company has no responsibility for the delays caused by the shipping company itself or for factors such as strikes, natural disasters, computer system malfunctions and the like.

4.5. The Company shall do all in its power to ensure that the product reaching the Customer is of a high quality

5. Intellectual property

5.1. All intellectual property rights, models, photographs, texts, information, design of the site are the property of the Company
5.2. The User undertakes not to make any use of the rights which belong to the Company

6. Security of information and privacy

6.1. The customer will be asked to provide his personal information in order to make the purchase on the site or register with the company's customer club. The Company takes the usual precautions to protect and to protect as much as possible the confidentiality of the personal information of its customers and will use it for internal purposes only, including contact with users, supply of products to customers, marketing of advertisements and marketing information of the Company.

6.2. The Company's website is secured in the manner in which the credit information of the user is entered on the site for the purpose of making the purchase protected by encryption and remain confidential, the details are not kept at any stage on the company's computers or servers. Since the user's actions are performed in a controlled environment, the company does not have the ability to guarantee absolute immunity from penetrating its servers or to expose personal information to people who perform illegal activities. Therefore, the user hereby waives any claim, demand or demand against the company in connection with any damage In connection therewith, including any use made of such personal information.

7. Confidentiality

7.1. The Company does not store customer credit card details in any database.

7.2. The Company undertakes not to make any use of the details of its customers registered on the Site, but to the needs of the operation of the Site and in order to enable the order to be performed in the best possible manner and to convey information to customers.

Terms & Conditions

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